Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to attend the annual Sun Valley conference in Idaho this week, where he'll be joined by around 300 media and technology moguls for a week of business and politics lectures, and dinners and barbecues.

The conference, hosted by investment bank Allen & Co, is closed to the press to enable the executives to socialise with one another in privacy. Other executives expected to attend the conference include Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger, Rupert Murdoch, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Google's Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt and Larry Page, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and CEO Jeff Bezos, reports Reuters.

Tech experts will be closely watching the interactions that take place between the attendees in order to predict whether deals are being made between particular companies.

Last year, Cook made a surprise appearance at the Sun Valley retreat, with his actions leading to speculation that Apple could be aiming to strike entertainment deals for its rumoured Apple 'iTV' HD television. Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs attended the event during his career, but hadn't done so in several years before his death in October 2011. 

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