Apple executives including CEO Tim Cook have this week urged employees to remind themselves of Apple's Business Conduct Policy in an email and a video. The policy provides guidelines that Apple employees are expected adhere to when representing Apple.

9To5Mac reports that Apple employees were sent an email on Wednesday from senior vice president and general counsel Bruce Sewell. The email had a new version of Apple's Business Conduct Policy attached in iBooks format, as well as a video of Cook talking about the policy.

In the email, Apple highlights that the policy "explains in very clear terms how you are expected to conduct yourself with our customers, business partners, government agencies and fellow employees."

In the accompanying video, Cook tells employees "The time is always right to do what is right," a quote borrowed from Martin Luther King Jr.

"At Apple, we do the right thing. Even when it's not easy," Cook continues. "If you see something that doesn't meet our standards, speak up. Whether it's a quality issue or a business practice, if it affects Apple's integrity, we need to know about it."

"We expect every Apple employee to understand and comply with these rules," the email reads, noting that the policy is "how we earn the trust of our customers and partners and how we keep Apple a great place to work."

We're not aware of any incidences that may have caused Apple to remind employees of the policy, but it seems likely that Apple feels its employees are not following the policy as closely as it would like. We already know that Apple aims to be extremely secretive when it comes to unreleased products, but that the secrecy seems to be slipping in recent years with numerous legitimate leaks.

Apple also has strict policies about public speaking, press inquiries, publishing articles and endorsements for employees, as well as rules you'd expect in most companies involving subjects such as insider trading and substance abuse.