Steve Jobs is honoured posthumously by the music industry, while Tim Cook is honoured, er, humously by the financial sector. Elsewhere, Apple gets some serious props from consumers even as some say that AT&T's new upgrade fees aren't exactly honourable.

Steve Jobs Honored at Grammys (MacRumors)

Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue accepted a Grammy award on Saturday on behalf of Steve Jobs. The late Apple co-founder was honored by the Grammy's Special Merit Awards for contributions to the field of music, though some will argue it's a pity award for the man's five consecutive losses in the Best Solo Artist category. He was robbed!

Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference (Apple Investor Relations)

From Apple's past CEO to its current: Tim Cook will be speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Tuesday, with Apple providing a live audio webcast. Word on the street is he plans to share some of his favorite recipes and home gardening tips.

Google Slips into Second as Apple Soars to Coveted Top Spot with Highest Reputation Score in History, According to 13th Annual Harris Poll RQ Study (PRNewswire)

Apple has taken the top spot in the annual Harris Poll Reputation Quotient, which measures consumer perceptions of corporate brands. Cupertino beat out Google, Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Kraft to take number one. No doubt, that's thanks in large part to Apple's efforts in the areas of Internet services, retail, soda pop, and macaroni and cheese.

AT&T Doubles Upgrade Fee for Cellphones (New York Times)

Next time you upgrade your phone on AT&T it may cost you a pretty penny. The carrier has doubled its upgrade fee from $18 to $36, following a similar move by Sprint. AT&T says that the increased charge reflects the more complicated nature of the phones to which many consumers are now upgrading, as well as the more complex procedure involved in upgrading users to those new devices. I mean, you think eye of newt and toe of frog come cheap nowadays?

PBS lets iOS users see new documentary before it airs on TV (VentureBeat)

If you're an iOS device user, congratulations! You can catch an early peek at the first hour of a new four-hour PBS documentary on President Bill Clinton, via the network's app. (The documentary makes its television debut next week.) Also, shake your device and you'll be treated to an exclusive performance of the former president playing the saxophone.

Verizon Ad (NBC)

No doubt you've heard terms like 4G and LTE bandied around without really knowing what they're all about. Thankfully, here's a Verizon ad explaining the whole shebang in such a frank, friendly, and open manner that you'll be all too happy that you don't have to worry about it on your iPhone quite yet.