A number of superb, stylish, cases exist for your iPad. We highlight four of the best

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Taylor Smart Stand Sleeve

www.caseaddict.com £49.95 


This partially stiffened sleeve is also a stand. A stitched groove on each side lets you fold it into two neat tetrahedral structures: a shallow one for typing and a nearer-vertical one for viewing video. Magnets are sewn into the mouth of the sleeve so it clamps shut when the iPad is inside and holds itself together when folded into a stand.

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Flexi-Fold Smart Case

thepadzone.co.uk £35


This is a great case and stand for the iPad 2 or 4. It’s a tight fit, but that’s not such a bad thing. The folding stand is an effective concept. At £35 it’s not super-cheap, but Apple’s Smart Covers set you back just as much without offering any protection for the iPad’s back. 


Bergame Portfolio Case

www.portdesigns.com $40


The Bergame is a slim case: it really doesn’t add much thickness to your iPad considering the amount of protection and functionality it provides. It’s also an adjustable stand for the iPad 2, with a Velcro slot for the tablet and a microfibre anti-scratch lining. If you’re looking for all-round iPad protection, we recommend this out.

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South BookBook Vol 2

www.twelvesouth.com £69.99


The BookBook is a striking-looking iPad case that comes in black, brown or red. A zip runs around three edges, where the pages would be visible if this were an actual book. A leather frame on the right-hand panel supports the iPad 2 or later. When it’s all zipped up, the BookBook does a good job of protecting your iPad.

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