A number of stylish stands exist for your iPad. We highlight four of the best

Gogo Stump Portable Stand

www.stumpstand.com £19.95 


This cylindrical rubber stand has a deep slit that can hold your iPad or iPhone in portrait or landscape position; a round cut-out lets you easily press the Home button. It offers three viewing angles and is weighted for stability. Available in black, red, green, yellow or pink, this combines utility with simplicity at a reasonable price.

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Slate iPad Stand

www.ergonomiccafe.com £71.99


The Slate lacks the finesse of other iPad stands, and it took a little getting used to. But we found the benefits became clearer over time. Some fine-tuning would be welcome, but for now this is a worthy option for anyone concerned about improving posture while working with an iPad. 

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www.twelvesouth.com £75


The HoverBar is a malleable metal arm with a clamp at one end and an iPad mount at the other. Attaching the clamp to an object, such as an iMac, lets you position your device at any angle or height you find convenient. A ball joint behind the iPad enhances flexibility, allowing the user to rotate and tilt the device with ease.

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www.just-mobile.com £41


The UpStand is a real looker, with a solid circular base and arrow-shaped supporting bracket, all made of gleaming aluminium that complements the iPad beautifully. The stand is a bit on bulky side, but the aluminium design is surprisingly lightweight, so you can easily move it from room to room. Smart and convenient.

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