Toshiba is working on a new wireless technology custom built for streaming high-definition television around the home.

The company's boffins are cooking up a wireless communications standard that operates at a rate of over 1 gigabit per second on the 60GHz band, according to HDTV UK.

This wavelength - dubbed the 'millimetre waveband' is deployed in Japan, Europe, and the US.

Toshiba's technology is expected to be used to transfer video between home devices at high definition quality, the report explains. This iteration of wireless runs at a far higher speed even than the still-unratified 802.11n standard.

Toshiba unveiled the technology on 15 June at the 2007 Symposia on VLSI Circuits, in Kyoto, Japan.

The new fabrication process uses a low-cost CMOS process to achieve high-speed, highly-integrated wireless communications over short distances, and will support development of consumer applications.

"Toshiba will continue to improve the integration and performance of the receiver IC, and also work to develop the high power technology required for a transmitter IC, aiming to achieve practical application of a millimeter-wave CMOS transceiver IC at an early date," the company said.