UK broadband comparison site Top 10 Broadband has released new analysis it claims shows a shift toward triple-play packages away from standalone broadband providers.

The company says it is observing a major consumer shift in favour of all-in-one packages that combine digital TV, home phone, or mobile, and broadband packages.

The company monitors broadband sales closely through specialist tracking on its website. It assesses in excess of 100,000 site users each month, and today confirmed that over 80 per cent of new broadband sign-ups/sales through the website are favouring all-in-one multi-service broadband deals.

That's significantly higher than in January this year, when sales of such packages accounted for 67 per cent of sign-ups.

John Glover at Top 10 Broadband surmised: "We have seen a paradigm shift in people’s broadband buying habits since the beginning of the year as broadband packages become the default way to purchase broadband for your home. Broadband bundles now offer tremendous value with Virgin Media, BT and Sky leading the way in the bundled-broadband price war. Users are noticing that if they combine their home phone, broadband, digital TV and even mobile into one easy-to-manage bill, there are significant savings to be made.”

Glover added that Virgin Media, Tiscali and BT are offering particularly good-value deals at the present time, observing that other providers, including mobile firms such as Orange, are moving into this increasingly competitive sector.

"The days of standalone broadband seem numbered," he said. "This could be great news for UK broadband users as pressure on Virgin Media and Sky will only lead to further price wars."

Top 10 broadband lets users compare over 50 broadband offers including standalone deals and packaged bundles.