Equinux has made available a public beta release of its The Tube 1.5 television software for Mac.

The new version offers timed recording, an electronic program guide and user interface improvements.

The software can display several weeks of forthcoming television schedules and users can pre-program the software to record shows.

"Every TV channel publishes their programming schedule on their website, as it's in their own interest to do so. We believe that this information should be made freely available to all consumers. Looking forward, we'd like to include content from the community in the Tube," said Equinux CEO Till Schadde.

The open source project XMLTV already collects electronic program guide information from a number of countries and makes it available in the open XMLTV format, which The Tube 1.5 supports.

The Tube 1.5 Public Beta is available for download on the Equinux website for all registered users.