A businessman in Turkey has apparently won the trademark for those two little words: 'Steve Jobs'.

Kamil Kürekçi has been granted the trademark "Steve Jobs" by the Turkish Trademark Office, according to a blogger in Turkey.

It is claimed that the trademark is to be used in context to a textile brand, likely for a line of clothing, writes Patently Apple.

Patently Apple has done some sleuthing. Having found a patent office search form they searched for 'Steve Jobs' and found a reference to the trademark with a 'Protection date' in 2011.

Perhaps the Turkish company is attempting to trademark a black turtleneck shirt as the 'Steve Jobs'.

We expect that Apple will be on it in a flash, now that the patent has been bought to their attention. 

Turkish schools to get iPads?

In other Turkey news, a group of Apple Executives are said to have paid a visit to the country with a view to getting the iPad into schools there. 

The execs, lead by vice president for Education John Couch, met with Turkish president Abdullah Gül.

The Turkish government has plans to place 15 million tablets in schools. The FAITH project is expected to cost $4.5 billion, writes Cult of Mac.

Turkish blogger Elma Dergisi has posted a picture that was taken in the Presidents office (above).

Macrumours notes that Apple will have to offer a different keyboard lay out for the Turkish market.

That report also notes that Apple is looking for staff for an Apple Store due to open in Istanbul. 

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