Billed as the 'hottest mechanically-recovered-non-specific-meat product iPhone app available on the App Store ever,' Turner Broadcasting has teamed with creative studio ustwo™ for a new iPhone app.

Based on the animation hit Aqua Teen Hunger Force, as seen on the cutting-edge comedy brand Adult Swim, MeatStroke promises to be a tasty new arcade game which features Meatwad from the series. 

According to the makers, the premise of the game is simple – to protect your meat from the heat. 'Everybody loves the sunshine, but land on the sun and your roast is toast. What every piece of meat needs is a cool refreshing shower or a cuddle from a cloud,' the game blurb reads.

Players control Meatwad – a mutant wad of meat – as he floats through the sky in search of sustenance. Navigate him away from the sun traps intent on grilling his beefy behind, while feeding him clouds gives him the power to keep on going.

MeatStroke iPhone app

"MeatStroke is a delicious treat for Adult Swim fans, packed full of flavour, fantasy and fun," said Joe Braman, Adult Swim.

"At the end of the day, the angle of the dangle is inversely proportional to the heat of the meat," adds Mills™ at ustwo™.

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, MeatStroke costs 59p for a limited time and requires the iOS 4.0 Software Update or later.

Adult Swim is a comedy brand aimed at adults 18-34 from Turner Broadcasting Systems. The hub of Adult Swim content in the UK is online portal at, which features both long and short form content, games, and social networking extensions.

A TV deal was struck in June 2010 to showcase some of the best Adult Swim shows on FX, as part of the channel’s Saturday night comedy line-up.

Adult Swim programming is billed as non-conformist and irreverent, featuring shows such as Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.