Apple has increased prices of TV shows in the iTunes Store in the UK. 

It appears that series that were sold for £9.99 earlier this week are now being sold for more.

We were alerted to the increase by who said they had been logging price data on their blog and had noticed that the price of 1,500 seasons of TV shows went up by £1 on Tuesday 2 July, apparently about 90% of the HD version of the series available in the store.

TVBobber tracks seasons of shows in high definition and shows you when there is a discount. Plans are afoot to include the UK iTunes store on the blog.

We checked and found the following price increases

  • Defiance was £24.99 is now £25.99
  • Dates was £19.99, is now £20.99
  • Justified Season 4, was £24.99, now £25.99
  • Warehouse 13 Season 4, was £25.99, now £26.99
  • Frankie was £12.99, now £13.99

Apple recently announced a deal that sees it adding content from Time Warner's HBO and Walt Disney's ESPN. The company also confirmed that Sky News is now available on Apple TV, bringing round-the-clock news to users in the UK and Ireland, as well as a catch-up service via the on-demand news library. This has sparked speculation that the BBC iPlayer app could soon come to the Apple TV. Apple has also hired Hulu senior VP of Marketing and Distribution Pete Distad to help it negotiate media deals, sparking yet more rumours that Apple has plans to broaden its TV offering.

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