Twitter has added photo filters to its official Android and iOS apps. There are eight Instagram-like filters you can use, which you get to pick after you select a photo to upload on Twitter.

Twitter did not develop the new filters in-house, so they will look familiar to some users. They are powered by Aviary, a third-party solution also used by Flickr for its online photo editor.

The move comes after Facebook-owned Instagram, the most popular photo filters app, disabled the option for Twitter users to see preview photos for Twitter Cards published from Instagram.

Social-network owned photo filters apps seem to be the latest trend, and the move is natural to Twitter. Facebook has Instagram and Facebook Camera, an app that adds filters to your photos before you upload them to Facebook, and Google also turned the Snapseed app into a way to add filters to photos before uploading to Google+.

Adding Twitter photo filters: Vignette

To use a filter on Twitter, select a photo to upload in a new message via the photo icon. Once you picked your photo, you will get three photo options at the bottom of the screen, to auto-enhance, add filters or crop. This is how the Vignette filter looks like.

Black and white filter

The black and white filter adds a bit more gravity and drama to your photos. To keep things Instagram-style, don’t forget to crop your photo in a square using the option in the app.

Warm filter

Preview of the Twitter Warm filter

Cool filter

Preview of the Twitter Cool filter

Vintage filter

Preview of the Twitter Vintage filter

Cinetmatic filter

Preview of the Twitter Cinematic filter

Happy filter

Preview of the Twitter Happy filter

Gritty filter

Preview of the Twitter Gritty filter

Get the apps

You can download the new Twitter for Android from Google Play and Twitter for iOS from the App Store.

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