Spoof Twitter account @ceoSteveJobs needs to be clearer about its parody status, Twitter has told the man behind the account.

The account, which once famously managed to fool UK newspaper the Daily Mail into believing that there would be a recall of the iPhone 4, has been put under pressure to make it clearer that it is a parody and change several aspects of the account, according to TechCrunch.

Among the changes that Twitter is asking for is a different Username, Account name, URL, Biography, Background picture and Avatar. An email to the account holder asks that the changes be made within 48 hours, though doesn't mention what the consequences of non-compliance might be.

Some changes were seemingly then made as currently, the Twitter profile does actually use the word "parody" in the Biography, has no URL but still uses a picture of Jobs, as well as the name 'Steve Jobs'.

A further email to the account holder asks that the Username be changed, though at the time of writing this hadn't happened.

Twitter does publish guidelines for parody accounts and a set of procedures for complaining about such accounts on its Support site.