Twitter tried to buy Camera+ after missing out on Instagram when Facebook nabbed it for $1 billion.

On 9 April, Facebook’s co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the social networking site had bought Instagram, a popular mobile photo-sharing app, for $1 billion in cash and stock.

Now, it has been revealed that Twitter co-founder and executive chairman Jack Dorsey met with Tap Tap Tap, the makers of a similar photo-sharing app, Camera+, following the news of Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram to try to negotiate a deal.

However, the negotiations ended with no offer being made, after Tap Tap Tap’s employees were reluctant to relocate to San Francisco, according to sources with knowledge of the negotiations that spoke to Bloomberg. There are 30 staff members that make up the Tap Tap Tap workforce, but 20 of those are based in Austria, New Zealand, Spain, and other parts of the world.

Facebook’s Instagram purchase caused an uproar on Twitter, with many users saying they were unhappy about it. They complained about the move and some threatened to delete their Instagram accounts, despite Zuckerberg making it clear that he wants the app to remain independent, noting that Instagram users will be able to continue posting their photos to Twitter and other social networks, and won’t have to share their photos on Facebook.

Twitter’s Dorsey had previously expressed an interest in buying Instagram, according to a report by the New York Times. He had invested in the app, and often posted pictures using Instagram. Since Facebook’s announcement about its purchase, Dorsey has not posted any photos using Instagram. He has, however, added his first photo to his Camera+ profile.

The Camera+ app, which has been downloaded over 7 million times, is available on the app store for 69p. Users can take photographs from within the app, adjust the focus and exposure while taking photos, add filters, crop images, add borders and more.