Analyst firm UBS is the latest to predict the launch of flash-based, high-capacity iPods, speculating that the touch-screen technology used in the iPhone may be the basis of an uber-platform for the company.

Analyst Alex Gauna believes Apple will ship 16GB and 32GB flash-based video iPods by the end of the year.

Gauna also predicts Apple will be "in position" to launch flash-based notebook computers this year, but expects the cost of the flash-based storage used will limit the market at first.

Another UBS analyst, Gauna's colleague Benjamin Schachter, is speculating that the MultiTouch touch-screen technology in the iPhone can form the basis of a future "mega-platform" of Apple devices.

He predicts the technology will be prevalent across Apple prodcts in the next three to five years, and suggests touch-screen Macs will ship in 2008. iPods, ultra-portable Macs, more phones and "possibly TVs" will all get the touch treatment, he believes.

The analyst believes Apple will enter a new phase of open-ended growth as it applies its new technologies to explore an expanded product road map.

UBS holds a $124 price target on Apple stock.