Music producers The Boilerhouse Boys have developed a production process designed to make music sound better when compressed for digital devices, such as iPods.

This technology has made its UK debut in the latest release from pop star Gabrielle. The production remix of her latest song Why? has been tweaked to sound good when compressed for playback on digital devices.

The Boilerhouse Boys explain they drew their inspiration for this from early Motown records. They have tried to add a little expertise to what they have done with the track to compensate for the way in which low bit-rate digital songs lose many aspects of the audio.

Speaking to the BBC, Boilerhouse Boy Ben Wolff explains how he remixed the song to sound as good as possible when played through headphones.

"I started thinking: Film quality 5.1 surround sound stereo is great but we've only got 2.0 ears - and most people now consume music like that."

While he concedes the average fan won't be able to tell the difference, he points out: "You'll know which one you like more, even if you don't know why."

The BBC has made available an excerpt of both the standard release version and the iPod-ready iteration of the song on its website. Both versions run neck and neck in a reader poll asking site visitors which version sounds best.