The majority of gamers in the UK are disappointed with Sony's PS4 launch event.

A poll conducted by MyVoucherCodes has revealed that gamers are disappointed with the details given by Sony on the PS4 this week. It seems that Sony has let down its fans mostly by the fact that the PlayStation 4 won't be backwards compatible with PlayStation 3 games. See also: PS4 launching Holidays 2013 full details.

The site said that in a flash poll of 949 'self-confessed gamers', a total of 52 percent said they were left feeling disappointed after this week's PS4 announcement. A further 31 percent said they were 'impressed with what's to come' and 7 percent proclaimed they were indifferent. We don't know what the remaining 10 percent thought.

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Mark Pearson, chairman of MyVoucherCodes, said: "It was quite surprising that so many people admitted that they were disappointed with the PS4 announcement, although the fact that they have announced that the console won't be backwards compatible is a big turn off for many. It would have been interesting to see a big reveal of what the console will look like, but so far we only have the controller to go on."

When asked why they felt disappointed a majority of 59 percent said it was because the PS4 won't be backwards compatible with titles from older generations of the console. A further 43 percent, bringing this total to 102 percent, said it was because Sony failed to show what the PS4 will look like.

Of those in the disappointed about the lack of backwards compatibility, 61 percent said it would put them off buying the PS4 and 27 percent said they would consider switching to Microsoft's Xbox.

Those impressed said they were looking forward to new social features (47 percent) and interactive features (32 percent).

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