UK music industry chiefs meet next month to discuss what opportunity exists to create a business model for file-sharing.

MusicTank has announced its July think tank, which will feature a keynote from the MCPS-PRS Alliance's Development Director Fred Bolza. The industry - particularly the independent sector - is hoping to find a way to make business from file-sharing, to the benefit of music fans, artists and the industry.

This think tank will consider ways to license file-sharing in a manner that generates a sustainable business model. The labels are moving to a notion that distribution of music can't be put back under their control, and considering how to apply a business model to it, potentially involving partnership between labels, ISPs and electronic device makers.
"2007 could genuinely be the beginning of a new era. The majors are finally giving up on preventative DRM, while it’s becoming increasingly clear that the decline in the recorded music market will only be partially offset by the digital download market," Music Tank explains.
The think tank taks place 5 July at Bertorelli Restaurant and Bar in Soho, London. It begins at 6.30pm. Admission is £30, with a reduced rate for members of music trade bodies.