Analyst firm Piper Jaffray notes 13 iPods were sold every hour at an Apple retail store over Thanksgiving weekend, compared to one iPhone, while speculative UK reports imagine lower than anticipated iPhone sales in the UK.

In the UK, research firm NOP recently revealed that around two per cent of UK consumers are planning to buy an iPhone this Christmas, with market interest slowed by the perceived high price of the product. That survey also notes that 75 per cent of UK consumers have heard of the iPhone.

NOP managing director Richard Jameson observed: "Apple’s history proves that it has the magic touch when it comes to product development and marketing, but the iPhone has yet to capture the imagination of the UK public. iPhone hype is in full-force, but our data shows that it is very much a considered purchase, and that its high price is turning many consumers off.”

Meanwhile reports are currently circulating that claim just 26,500 iPhone activations have taken place in the UK since the device launched - far below the anticipated hundreds of thousands of sales predicted by O2 chief executive, Matthew Key.

Apple dismisses these reports as "pure speculation".