Apple’s iOS 6 is set to be released to the public on 19 September, and as we approach its arrival, Apple has provided a list detailing which countries will miss out on some of the new features.

The UK will be getting Apple’s new Maps app, including the Turn-by-Turn Navigation feature, local search, traffic, and business reviews. As for the 3D buildings feature, Apple lists just the US, despite showing off the 3D model of Big Ben during the iPhone 5’s launch on Wednesday. Perhaps the UK’s omission on the list indicates that many parts of the UK have yet to be included in the 3D Flyover.

Those with Siri will be pleased to know that the voice-assistant has learned about Sports, restaurants, movies (including reviews and show times) and local businesses. Siri is now also integrated to Twitter and Facebook, meaning you can ask it to update your Facebook status or send a tweet for you.

Siri won’t be able to book a table at UK restaurants though. Apple lists just USA, Canada and Mexico as having this feature.

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iOS 6 is compatible with the iPhone 3GS or later, the fourth generation iPod touch or later, and the iPad 2 or later, but not all features are available on all of the devices. READ: Which iOS 6 features will you miss out on?

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