UK MP's could be buying iPods – with the taxpayer footing the bill due to a loophole in the way they apply for expenses, the Daily Mail reports.

A little known "perk" means MPs can "fiddle thousands" on expenses because they don't have to submit a receipt for anything under £250.

MPs have been lobbying for a 22 per cent pay rise, though the Labour government is pushing for a 1.9 per cent raise.

With the average back bench MP receiving a salary of about £50,000 per annum, they can console themselves with another loophole which lets them claim £400 of shopping every month - again, with no receipt.

These perks were revealed to a tribunal that's exploring whether MPs should offer a breakdown of what they claim under the second home allowance.

"If an MP puts in a claim of £100 for food and he had really bought an iPod, we would pay the £100 on the assumption that it was for food and not for an iPod," explained Andrew Walker, Commons' director general of resources.

The National Audit Office last year carried out just 47 spot checks on these claims – one for every £255,000 of public money spent by MPs.