Westminster has no doubt that a iPad can replace a laptop. MPs are getting their laptops upgraded to iPads at a cost to the taxpayer of at least £200,000.

All 650 MPs will be eligible, although to qualify for the iPad they need to hand in their old laptop or computer. As a result the cost will be offset by around $50,000. The old laptops will then be passed on to staff in the House Service.

Using the iPad should save money on print costs as documentation relating to parliamentary business will be available on the iPads, rather than on paper.

John Bercow, the Speaker agreed to the "rapid rollout" of iPads to all 650 MPs following the advice of a House of Commons advisory committee that claimed MPs could save money by using mobile tablet-style computers to keep up to date with their parliamentary business.

iPad pricing starts at £329, or £399 for the New iPad. The monthly costs of downloading data are not included in the estimated price that the Commons will be paying for the devices.