UK podcasters will now be able to feature full-length tracks from indie artists such as The White Stripes and Basement Jaxx in their transmissions.

UK music-based podcasts were granted an accessible new licence that will allow podcasters to legally use music – potentially kick-starting the creation of new communities of music fans, and a new era for music discovery.

A new deal between indie label trade group AIM and the UK Podcasters Association (UKPA) means podcasters can sign-up for the UK's first full-track multi-label licence.

Music fans can pay for their six-month renewable licence in order to deploy any of a catalogue of 30,000 (and rising) tracks within their transmissions. The catalogue includes music from The White Stripes, Bloc Party, Paul Weller, Echo and the Bunnymen, Mylo, Basement Jaxx, Coldcut, Stereophonics and Dizzee Rascal.

Labels supporting the new licence include V2, XL Recordings, Studio !K7, Cooking Vinyl and Beggars Group.

AIM and UKPA expect the introduction of an affordable and accessible licence to shake-up traditional broadcasting in the UK.

The scheme means labels and artists will get paid as a result of podcasters using their music, and allows for the use of the full track.

AIM explains: “There are opportunities for the independent sector and the pioneers of podcasting to use a library of over 30,000 full-length tracks (and growing) from some of the premier independent companies and artists, to come up with imaginative programming and give the fans what they want.”

UKPA chairman Dean Whitbread said: "This is a step forward for music podcasting in the UK. It raises the bar for music podcast programme making. Podcasting can make a real impact on music sales, but this has to be done in a responsible way."