Harvester, one of the first UK companies to thoroughly embrace Apple’s new Passbook feature within iOS 6, has developed a voucher campaign to promote customer traffic.

With the help of its technology partner Eagle Eye, Harvester has engineered a coupon that can be used at any branch across the UK. In a matter of clicks, users can receive a unique voucher code on their iPhone, which can then be stored within Passbook.

Customers were offered up to £5 off their bill when spending £30 or more. Out of the 16,000 vouchers that were issued over a course of two weeks, nearly 700 were redeemed.

A Harvester representative told Millennial Media: “The campaign exceeded our expectations. Clearly Apple Passbook users love a great deal as much as they love their technology.”

Apple Passbook offers the ability to store digital tickets, reward cards as well as boarding passes. American Airlines recently expressed excitement at an increase of users storing boarding passes in Passbook. The credit card company, Discover, now allows customers to store eCertificates in the Passbook app too.

Other supporters of Passbook include Starbucks, United Airlines as well as Major League Baseball.

Unsurprisingly, Samsung has recently unveiled a rival app called “Wallet”, which also stores retail coupons, airline boarding passes, event tickets and the like. Other similarities between the two apps include time and location based alerts, as well as the use of bar codes to interact with payment and ticketing systems. Samsung announced that they have already established partnerships with Walgreens, Expedia, Booking.com, Hotels.com as well as Major League Baseball.

That’s not all; Google also bring to the table the Google Now service, which automatically brings up cards with information based on your current location. The app scans your Gmail inbox for boarding passes as well.

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