Sales people on the British high street are more likely to recommend Samsung smartphones than the iPhone and the phones of other manufacturers, despite the Samsung phones being older. The likely reason: the high commission being paid on sales on Samsung phones.

Informa Telecoms and Media sent undercover shoppers out onto the high street and found that the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II are getting an extra sales push.

The research found that the two Samsung handsets were the most recommended smartphones among eight of Britain's leading electronics retailers. Retailers surveyed included John Lewis, O2, Everything Everywhere, 3, Maplins, PC World, Carphone Warehouse, and Phones 4U.

"The mystery shop showed that the most recommended Samsung handsets were the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note II, despite having been on the market longer than the latest handsets from Apple, Nokia and HTC," Julian Jest of Informa told The Telegraph.

"Despite an in-store advertising campaign and recent product launch, Apple was recommended in only two stores, 3 and Phones 4 U, with both recommending the iPhone 5," he added.

The research showed that Apple and Samsung were just as likely to be promoted by advertising in the store or the shop window.

Informa suggested: "Sales assistants see the Samsung devices as a safe bet to earn greater commissions".

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