Smartphone owners in the UK have an average of 29 apps each, with just one in ten of those being a paid-for app, according to a survey of 1700 people by On average, the total spend on apps per user is just £8.94, and only one in seven of those surveyed has spent more than £20 on apps.

The survey also found that 41 per cent of apps are used regularly, with 61 per cent of the respondents claiming that they use less than half of their apps regularly, and 20 per cent using less than a quarter.

Smartphone owners between the ages of 55 and 64 were found to have the least apps, with an average of 23 each, but they were also the respondents who used the highest selection of apps regularly - they claimed to use 44 per cent of their apps on a regular basis.

Of those surveyed, the 18 to 24 year olds were the smartphone owners who have the most apps, with an average of 37 each. They said that they use just 37 per cent of those apps regularly, though. These younger users were also found to be the most likely to pay for apps, and coughed up cash for 16 per cent of their app collection, making the average spend per smartphone for this age group £14.43.


Londoners were found to be the biggest spenders, with an average of £11.89 spent on apps each. They also download the most apps, at around 39 apps each. On the other hand, smartphone owners in the South West spend the least on apps, according to the survey, with an average of 23 apps and a total spend of £4.79.

uSwitch's Welsh respondents said that they pay for just six per cent of their apps, while Londoners pay for about 15 per cent.

"Our smartphones are fast becoming app graveyards, littered with unused downloads," said telecoms expert at uSwitch Ernest Doku. "While some are downloaded out of curiosity, people often get 'free' apps only to find they are riddled with pop-up ads or that they must then pay to unlock more than the basic functions."

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