Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor is offering GarageBand files for each track contained on the band's recently released album, which he's distributing on a DVD.

Reznor has previously made all the master tracks to the album, Y33RZ3R0R3MIX3D, available for download. The latest DVD includes every track from the original album in the correct format for GarageBand and Ableton Live; the DVD also carries a demo version of Ableton Live.

Writing on the band's website, Reznor reveals the impetus behind his remix-friendly project: "Several years ago I persuaded my record company to let me begin posting my master recording files on, in order to see what kind of user-generated content would materialize from my music."

The move spawned a host of remixes, with websites, online communities and radio stations all getting involved, causing Reznor to see the event as a success.

"So much so that we're now releasing a remix album that includes some of this fan-created material as well as the actual multitrack master files for every song from my latest record, Year Zero."

Reznor also confessed that his former record label, Universal, has created an obstacle to his next move, that of setting up a site through which fans can share their remixes of his music.

"Universal feels that if they host our remix site, they will be opening themselves up to the accusation that they are sponsoring the same technical violation of copyright they are suing these companies (YouTune and others) for. Their premise is that if any fan decides to remix one of my masters with material Universal doesn't own - a "mash-up", a sample, whatever - and upload it to the site, there is no safe harbour under the DMCA (according to Universal) and they will be doing exactly what MySpace and YouTube are doing."

Universal remains willing to allow Reznor to release his masters in this way, but is insisting Reznor host the site, to avoid the major label's feared legal complications.

Reznor isn't at all happy: "While I am profoundly perturbed with this stance as content owners continue to stifle all innovation in the face of the digital revolution, it is consistent with what they have done in the past. So... we are challenged at the last second to find a way of bringing this idea to life without getting splashed by the urine as these media companies piss all over each other’s feet. We have a cool and innovative site ready to launch but we're currently scratching our heads as to how to proceed," he told fans.