Signs of a rapprochement between Apple and NBC Universal suggest some content from the studio may reappear on the iTunes television show schedules.

NBC chief executive Jeff Zucker told the Financial Times: "We’ve said all along that we admire Apple, that we want to be in business with Apple. We’re great fans of Steve Jobs.”

Zucker is also famed for accusing Apple of killing the music business and describing the success of the iPod as being built on the back of Universal's content. But that hard line position may be moderating somewhat.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said something very similar to BusinessWeek, where he summed up the NBC Universal and Apple situation: "We'll put it back together on the TV thing. Everybody lost [when Zucker pulled his content off iTunes]. But NBC is a great company, and Apple is a great company."

Universal is now taking part in Apple's iTunes film rental store.