Apple is testing a range of devices including new iPods, iPads and an 'unknown' device according to Apple Insider.

The Mac rumour focused website reveals Apple tests involve the latest beta of iOS 4.1, the operating system used by iPhones, iPod touches and in an earlier incarnation, iPads.

Among devices spotted running the beta is an apparent fourth-generation iPod touch, likely to be unveiled as early as next month, when Apple traditionally updates the iPod range in time for Christmas. The code "iPod 4,1" is inline with previous iPod updates, identified as "iPod 1,1," "iPod 2,1" and "iPod 3,1," respectively notes the website.

Also spotted is "iProd 2,1," which Apple Insider speculates could well be a new iPad, possibly the often-rumoured smaller 7-inch model.

Apple TV

A third device is listed only as "unknownHardware," with the Mac site adding: "Although the configuration files tag this device with a unique Apple product ID of 20547, it's textual descriptor is similarly listed as "Unknown- Add device descriptor info for this device."

Apple Insider speculates the "unknownHardware," could be a new look cheaper Apple TV, relaunched as iTV, running a version of Apple's iOS 4.