Apple won’t make a television set, rather it will “crack” the television market with its long-term hobby, the Apple TV set-top box, and the iPad and iPhone, according to an analyst.

Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes told investors: “We believe consumers would welcome such a product from Apple, as well given that many younger customers seem to be watching content on demand on smaller screens (iPads, laptops) in private places – and only Apple seems to be the company that can redirect that content back to the big screen,” writes Apple Insider.

Reitzes suggests that the popularity of the iPad and iPhone will allow Apple to strike deals with traditional content providers. He also suggests that the content providers could loose out on the younger market if they don’t partner with Apple. "Apple may hold the cards in being the only company that can fully monetize the small screens for big media companies," Reitzes wrote

Reports have claimed that Apple is working on a new Apple TV set-top box that will offer expanded functionality when compared to the current Apple TV.

The new Apple set-top box would offer a DVR feature that saves shows to an online storage service, presumably iCloud, and a Start Over feature that lets you restart from the beginning shows that are already in progress.

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