The BBC has launched its iPhone trial through iPlayer, making the first few shows available for view through the service using the device.

Macworld UK this morning watched BBC show, Whistleblower using iPlayer on an iPhone. Navigate to on your iPhone to seek out other streaming shows.

At present only a minority of shows are available to view through the BBC's beta service for iPhone users, but this show is crystal clear and streamed perfectly over our test WiFI connection. We could not get the movies to play back over an Edge connection, instead the iPhone returned an error stating: "This movie could not be played".

Yesterday, Macworld broke the story of the BBC iPlayer test. The BBC quietly introduced a new pink flag on iPlayer, a flag which declared, simply, iPlayer for iPhone was in beta.

Clearly, the iPhone streaming services aren't reliant on Adobe Flash, suggesting the broadcaster is transcoding shows for streaming in QuickTime.

It's highly possible other BBC shows have now been optimised to stream through the iPhone using iPlayer. As the broadcaster offers a wide catalogue of programming through its service, we invite readers to note the names of other successfully streaming shows in this thread on the Macworld UK forums.

The BBC's head of digital media technologies, Anthony Rose this morning confirmed the company to be re-purposing video for iPlayer on the iPhone. The broadcaster is creating 516Kbps streams (400Kbps H.264 video, 116Kbps AAC audio) of shows for the device. Rose says that most shows should now be working on the service, but that as it's beta at the moment, users should be prepared for some "oddities".

Rose also put paid to speculation that the company has been working with a version of Adobe Flash for the iPhone in order to launch iPlayer on the device. Admitting that the BBC "hasn't seen (Adobe Flash for the iPhone) yet, either." he admitted the company is working to transcode video for whatever format is supported on the multiple devices the BBC plans to support.

"The challenge is to continuously enhance that transcoding platform to support a whole host of new formats to make BBCiPlayer available in the coming months at higher and higher display resolution and quality, and on more and more devices. Which mobile, portable or gaming device would you like to see it on next?" Rose wrote.