Sales of Macs in the US grew 47 percent year-on-year in March 2011, according to NPD Group.

Apple Insider reports that analyst Gene Munster revealed the sales predictions this week ahead of Apple's fiscal Q2 financial results call.

NPD Group reckons that Mac sales were up 20 percent year-on-year in January, 12 percent in February and 47 percent in March - when the new MacBook Pro line-up became available - averaging out a 27 percent gain year-on-year for the quarter.

However, Munster estimated that Mac sales will only account for 21 percent of Apple's overall revenue. Munster also predicted that iPod sales would be down by around 10 percent.

The outlook is good for Apple, though, at least according to JP Morgan, which predicted that Apple Q2 2011 revenue would hit $24.42bn, revising its earlier estimate of $23.83bn.

JP Morgan predicts that iPhone shipments will have reached 18.4 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2011, having previously put the figure at 16.6 million. However, it revised its estimates for iPad sales down from 6 million to 5.4 million. This is due to temporary delays in supply rather than a lack of demand for the product.

Apple will reveal its Q2 earnings Wednesday 20 April in a call that will take place at 2200BST.