A Texas woman has been tricked into buying a fake 'iPad' - actually just an iPad-shaped piece of mirror - for $200.

An unfortunate if perhaps slightly naive Texan has been conned out of $200, after a passer-by sold her what he claimed was an iPad but turned out to be a mirror with some paper on it.

Arlington's Jalonta Freeman had stopped at a petrol station when the silver-tongued salesmen pulled up nearby and offered an $800 iPad for just $200. What a deal! Yes please.

However, Ms Freeman wasn't able to check inside the box ("He was, like, OK, I gotta hurry up and go and stuff," she said), and when the man drove away it turned out that the deal really was too good to be true.

"That's messed up," Freeman told KXAS-TV. "That's so wrong. I would never do anybody like that. Get a job."

Fake iPad is really a mirror

The front-facing camera has a terrific resolution. Picture courtesy of KXAS-TV and Cnet

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