Apple's marketing teams are the best in the business at profiling the company's track record for innovative product design.

The company's commitment to creating and developing products that work, it's determination to maintain a simple to understand product range, its secrecy and marketing-savvy outshine rivals in the industry, USA Today reports.

The report looks at the recent launch of the iPhone as an example of the company's marketing clout. Apple managed to eclipse goings-on at the giant CES event with its launch, tantalising customers, influencing industry opinion and tempting the media in one fast and accurate shot.

The report looks at the company's simple yet memorable advertising campaigns. It's legendary iPod silhouette ads, for example, put the notion of MP3 players into mass consciousness, the report claims.

USA Today goes on to reveal a check list of strategic goals competing companies need to follow in order to match Apple's mind-share. These instructions are:

– Make innovative products
– Keep it simple
– Create truly memorable ads
– Find an enemy
– Work the taste-makers
– Offer surprises
– Put on a show