Phone developer and creative studio ustwo™ has teamed with creative mobile agency Mobiento to to launch H&M’s first iPhone app, the Swedish clothing company.

The H&M, or Hennes & Mauritz AB,  high street stores offer fashion for men women and children across Europe including the UK.

The H&M iPhone application promises a rich, feature-filled user experience designed and developed to engage and offer localised and relevant news and promotional incentives to users, with up to date online content.

The H&M Home Screen is a 3D fashion gallery-like interface that allows users to swipe through campaigns and access further areas of the application. H&M iPhone app users can check out the latest styles and fashion videos and browse the selection of garments in each of the campaigns. 'My Wishlist' allows users to save and share favourite garments with their friends either via Facebook or by simply sending an email.

Other features include a store locator including search based on positioning, the latest fashion news, updated weekly  including localised content, fashion video highlights, special offers and announcements.

H&M iPhone app

"It is an app that will be truly useful for H&M’s customers who can use it every day for inspiration, to plan shopping or to share styles with friends via social medias," said Fredrik Oscarson, co-founder and creative director of Mobiento."Our aim was also to give users a great experience in terms of design, look and feel and I believe we managed to do just that!"

John Sinclair, co-founder of ustwo™, added: "H&M’s brand power and its early adopter status in terms of embracing marketing initiatives and technology, means that this app will be in the hands of users throughout the world.  We look forward to implementing new features to keep the app relevant and highly useful for all."

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, H&M is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires the iOS 3.1 Software Update or later.

ustwo™ will visit the flagship Apple Store, Regent Street next week - Thursday 26 August 2010 from 7pm - to discuss the free iPad app Granimator™ with a host of creative talent.