Verizon CEO Lowell McAdams has suggested that Apple's latest iPhone is compatible with 4G thanks to him, because he once convinced Steve Jobs to put LTE capabilities into the iPhone 5.

Speaking at the National Association of Broadcasters conference, McAdams said that, during a meeting with the late Apple co-founder, he had tried to convince Jobs that the iPhone 5 needed LTE to compete with some Android phones that already had 4G.

"I was really trying to sell him and he sat there with any reaction," McAdams described. "Finally, he said, 'Enough. You had me at 10 Mbps. I know you can stream video at 10 Mbps.' And Apple's next phone was LTE."

During the conference this week, McAdams also said that Verizon Wireless, a US mobile phone carrier, is now seeing 50 per cent of its network traffic coming from video streaming, reports FierceWireless.


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