iPhone users in the US will soon have a choice of carrier for Apple’s smartphone. Verizon announced at a Tuesday press event that it will begin providing wireless service for the iPhone 4 in early February.

Since its 2007 debut, the iPhone has used AT&T as its sole service provider in the U.S. AT&T will continue to provide wireless service for the iPhone, though the carrier’s exclusive relationship with Apple comes to an end with Tuesday’s announcement.

The iPhone 4 available through Verizon will be a CDMA model that works on that carrier’s network.

The Verizon iPhone will also feature the network’s 3G Mobile Hotspot app pre-installed, allowing customers to share the phone’s 3G network connection with other Wi-Fi devices. Verizon didn’t say whether there would be an extra cost associated with the functionality.

Pricing starts at $200 for a 16GB iPhone 4 and $300 for a 32GB model; a two-year contract with Verizon will be required.

Existing Verizon customers will get the opportunity to place pre-orders for the iPhone on February 3. On February 10, Verizon will make the iPhone available for all users.