A video of what appears to be the first glimpse of a working iPhone 5C has emerged online, showing what looks like a red and black iPhone 5C being used to browse the web.

The low-quality video was posted to Chinese tech blog C Technology on Wednesday, claiming to be a "hands on" look at the iPhone 5C in action. This is the first time we've seen a fully assembled and working iPhone 5C.

Of course, there's no telling whether the video is legitimate. However, the launch of the iPhone 5C is expected to be just over a week away, so we expect that this week will be full of leaked images, videos and speculation about the device ahead of the official launch event.

The video, which is just 48 seconds long, doesn't give much away about the iPhone 5C, though. The only app shown running on the iPhone is Safari, which is being used to brose Apple's website in the clip.

The device shown in the video appears to be running iOS 7, and its design matches with previously leaked plastic casings allegedly destined for the iPhone 5C. It appears to be red or pink in colour, in keeping with the rumours that the iPhone 5C will be available in various colour options.

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It's expected that the iPhone 5C will be unveiled on 10 September at a special Apple event, alongside the company's new flagship iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5S.

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