Coming to you live from Regent Street London. Macworld meets the iPad 2 queue. 

One of the best things about a launch of a new iPad is that it gives us a chance to meet Apple fans face to face. We made our way down to the Regent Street Apple Store on the Friday afternoon before the iPad 2 went on sale to talk to the people in the 632-strong queue.

Heading up the queue was personal finance executive Jewels Lewis who had been in position since 7.30am on the Thursday (that's 33 and a half hours before the iPad 2 was to go on sale). A long wait made even more of a sacrifice by the fact that Jewels missed his son's birthday – but it's a new iPad after all.

A few positions behind Jewels we spoke to Ben who had joined the queue with the sole intention of selling his spot to the highest bidder. His financer opted for the top-of-the-range 64GB iPad 2 with WiFi and 3G, and gave Ben enough money to buy himself a 16GB iPad to take home. All in a days work.

Further back was Edward, a Mac user for three years, who told us that he was "to excited and wanted to come down to the queue to experience it".

Astrid, a flame-haired student from California had been in the queue since 10am, she admitted that she'd expected a huge crowd, but still thought it was "insane".

18-year-old Sam travelled down from Nottingham to join the Regent Street Apple Store queue at 3am on Friday and admitted that he was surprised at how many people were in front of him. "I was surprised that so many were here before 3am, it's a 5pm launch after all." Sam theorised that the later launch meant that even more people were in the queue than usual.

Everyone we spoke to had good words to say about the Apple staff, who had looked after the queue well. Fenella and partner Harry who'd been queuing since 5pm on the Thursday told us: "They've been handing out red bull and coffee, they've been good to us".