Samsung may struggle to convince the jury that the Galaxy Tab isn’t a copy of the iPad, given that, according to an internal Samsung documents, over half of viewers seeing its TV commercials assumed the ad was for the iPad.

According to the report, only 16% of viewers thought that the commercial was for Samsung.

The report recommended that Samsung should improve its communication about the differences between the Tab and the iPad.

The report concluded that the reason for the confusion was “lack of awareness of the product”, it noted that TV advertising wasn’t helping to correct this because of “misattribution”.

Speaking last week, Apple marketing VP Phil Schiller discussed the difficulties associated with TV advertising, notes Apple Insider. "The advertisement has to give you a sense of how it might work, and what it might do for you before you have a chance to head to the store and try it yourself, create a reason that you might want a tablet in your life." He accused Samsung of “stealing all the value we’ve created”. 

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