Today, Vimeo has launched two new features to their video sharing service, aiming to help users personalise and enhance their videos.

The Enhancer tool allows users to add music to their videos from more than 50,000 tracks in the Vimeo Music Store, directly from the Vimeo site. The Enhancer feature will grow over time, with future additions planned to enable users to modify and improve their existing videos. Now, video creators can add a new sountrack to their already uploaded videos, adjust the existing audio levels, and control the start and end-point of the song.

SmartSound, Vimeo’s new music partner, adds almost 4,000 customisable audio tracks that can be modified by the user to create a complete piece of music tailored to fit their video precisely, through both the length and mood of the track.

SmartSound music is available now from the Vimeo Music Store, priced at £1.28 a track for personal use license and £12.99 per track for a commercial license.

“Our new cloud-based system allows Vimeo to incorporate our patented technology, giving users instant access to over 20 million unique compositions based on the ideal song length, arrangement, and instrument mix neded for each video,” said Kevin Klinger, President of SmartSound.

“Vimeo wants to help people make better videos,” said Dae Mellencamp, President of Vimeo. “Combining our educational efforts like Vimeo Video School with these new customisation tools help make it easy for everyone to create videos that they are excited to share with the world.”

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