The Mac world never stops turning and sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to write about all the fun and facinating stories that break about our favourite technology company. 

Here are a few of the stories we haven't had time to cover

Vintage iPods on sale for $89,950

Do you still have your first ever iPod? Ever wondered what it would be worth if you were to try and sell it now?

An eBay seller has an "Amazing Vintage Collectors iPod Set" of four iPods (15GB, 30GB, 20GB and a U2 special edition). The set is on sale for the barmy price of $89,950 (£57,291).

The auction closes on 24 February and already has 5 offers, each of which has been declined.

The same actioner (samsonbible) was recently selling a rare, vintage iPod on eBay for $25,000 (£15,960). The high price is probably down to the fact that this is an HP iPod. Remember when Apple agreed to let HP package up and sell the iPod? That venture ran from 2004 – 2005.

That auction ended on 4 February, but it looks like the unit didn't sell as it's now on sale for $1,499.99 (£957.65) in an auction that ends on 3 March.

He also has an "Ultra Rare Bob Marley Collections" iPod classic on sale for $10,000 (£6,384) due to close on 16 February.

Apple withdraws ad following ASA complaint

A television ad for Apple appears to have received a complaint and as a result Apple has agreed to amend or withdraw it without a formal investigation being conducted.

The case is listed by the ASA under "Informally Resolved Cases" for 6 February.

The only television advertisement we have recently seen for Apple was the iPhone 5 'Dream' ad featuring Venus and Serena Williams.

The advertisement refers to the Do Not Disturb feature in the iPhone 5 that means users can choose which contacts can disturb them.

It's one of the more complicated features to implement on the iPhone. You need to turn Do Not Disturb on in Settings and then go to Settings > Notifications > and select those contacts who can disturb you.

When the new commercial hit TV screens in the US Apple was left red faced when Do Not Disturb feature stopped working due to a New Year's Day bug.

We don't know if this is the advert Apple has withdrawn. Let us know if you see it.

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) is the UK’s independent regulator of advertising across all media.

Foxconn workers can elect union reps

In its latest endeavor to improve worker conditions at its factories, Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn is to allow workers to elect union representatives.

Apple has bought Foxconn under increasing pressure to improve conditions at the factories.

Foxconn's facilities have been inspected by the Fair Labor Association, and the identified lack of proper union representation was listed as a key failing, notes The Telegraph.

A recent strike at the Foxconn factory was suppressed by riot police. Last September, 2,000 workers at the company's plant in Taiyuan, China, rioted after a brawl erupted between employees and security guards. One report claimed 10 workers had lost their lives.

There have also been reports of worker suicides at the Foxconn factories.

Today's Apple stories...

Delays for both the 21.5in and 27in iMacs continue, as shipping estimates on Apple's Online Store reveal that customers will have to wait for up to six weeks for their iMac order to arrive. iMac delays extend to 6 weeks as Apple continues to face supply issues 

New Radio buttons discovered in iOS 6.1 hint that a new 'iRadio' service aiming to compete with the likes of Spotify and Pandora could be on its way to iOS. iRadio: Buttons found in iOS 6.1 hint at upcoming Apple radio service

A smartphone manufacturer in Brazil owns the rights to the name iPhone, and now it appears Brazil's National industrial Property Institute (INPI) has rejected Apple's claims tot the name. Meaning Apple may be unable to use the name iPhone in the country. Why Apple can't call the iPhone an iPhone 

Apple is recruiting for someone to work on Siri for OS X, suggesting that the next version of the Mac operating system might feature the voice-activated assistant. Siri on the Mac: Apple recruiting developer to bring Siri to the Mac 

New job listings reveal that Apple is looking to hire at least ten new software engineers to join its iOS Maps team as it works to significantly improve the mapping service. Apple hiring 10 new iOS software engineers to help improve Maps

Saudi university research claims that Apple is less popular than Samsung, based on Twitter followers. Apple isn't popular with non-English speakers, claims research

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