Virgin Media plans to boost the upload speeds of its fibre broadband users free of charge.

The upgrade, which is the ISP described as an "adrenaline shot" , has already begun. Users of Virgin's 10Mbps package will have their upload speeds raised to 'up to' 1Mbps from 512Kbps while those on Virgin's 20Mbps deal will benefit from upload speeds of 'up to' 2Mbps from 768Kbps.

Furthermore, Brits on the ISP's 50Mbps service will see their upload speed raised from 'up to' 1.5Mbps to 'up to' 5Mbps.

"With the huge growth in social networks these new upload speeds will help Virgin Media customers share their most precious moments and keep up with what friends and families are up to, whether it's uploading to YouTube or even hosting a live videochat to show off baby's first steps in high-definition," said Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media.

The ISP is also rolling-out a new traffic management system that will see priority given to time-sensitive and interactive uses – such as surfing or streaming high-definition video – at peak times, over non-time-sensitive traffic such as peer-to-peer and newsgroup activity.

Virgin says this will reduce "the possibility of annoying buffering that can occur when trying to watch TV online at peak times".

For more information on the speed increases, visit Virgin's dedicated web page.