Vogel has just announced its RingO for the iPad 2, the first mounting system for the iPad 2 to be available from Apple Stores across Europe and the USA.

The RingO All-in-One pack can mount the iPad 2 in a variety of places and positions, while protecting the device. The pack contains a RingO Holder, RingO Wall Mount, RingO Car Mount, and RingO Table Stand, all for £109.99.

The RingO Holder, which protects the back of the iPad 2, and can be paired with the Smart Cover for complete protection while allowing access to all the device's cameras, controls and connectors. The Holder has a precision engineered ring embedded in it, which enables your iPad to be secured to the mounts that are included in the All-in-One pack.

There are three mounting options included in the All-in-One pack. The first is the RingO Wall Mount, which can be attached to a suitable wall to support the iPad 2 discretely, ready for watching films, viewing photographs, reading recipes, or any other applications you might want to display.

When travelling on long journeys in the car, you can mount the iPad 2 to the back of the headrests with the RingO Car Mount. Passengers will no longer get bored, as they can watch films hands free.

The final item included in the pack is the RingO Table Stand, which provides a stable viewing angle for the iPad 2, whether you're viewing photographs, giving a presentation or watching a movie.

Watch the introductory video to Vogel's new RingO mounting system here: