Shopping vouchers website has revealed more details of a recent survey which saw Apple's iPad top the Christmas wish lists of UK consumers.

While the company discovered over a third – 37 per cent - of those surveyed wanted Apple's best selling tablet device, those figures have now been broken down in more detail.

Despite Apple's dominance of this and other recent polls, found consumers are still looking for a few more features from the iPad.

48 per cent of people wanted a USB port to be included, 44 per cent wanted support for Flash, 42 per cent wanted a CD/DVD drive and 29 per cent wanted a built in digital camera. found of those surveyed 11 per cent already owned a tablet device, while 38 per cent considered buying one in the next 12 months.

Of those, 27.27 per cent are under 17, 26.29 per cent between 18 and 24, 35.26 per cent between 25 and 34, 39.04 per cent aged between 35 and 44, a majority 44 per cent between 45 and 54 and 42.11 per cent over 55.

On price when buying a tablet other than Apple's, overhaul of those surveyed found 16.4 per cent indicted they would never move away from Apple whatever the cost, despite finding a potential market for cheap and cheaper alternatives.

At a price point of £100 less 31.35 per cent of people surveyed would favour a branded rival over Apple. At £200 this becomes 64.65 per cent.

Apple scored well on brand trust and awareness found with a whopping 52 per cent trusting Apple above others. Dell was second with just 11 per cent, BlackBerry maker RIM with 10 per cent, Samsung with 9 per cent, Microsoft with 8 per cent, HP with 6 per cent and LG with 4 per cent.

Apple iPad

Meanwhile, 74 per cent of those questioned had heard of the Apple iTunes App Store, while 37 per cent knew of the Google Android equivalent.

Popular uses for tablets included surfing the website, sending emails, staying in touch with friends and social networks, using the device as an e-reader for books and magazines and watching films and listening to music.

Less popular but still of interest was viewing and sharing photos, work related uses, educational reasons and self-improvement and playing games.

With regards to influencing factors price was the main factor for female users, followed by ease of use, breath and quality of features, size and weight, looks, feel and design, level of trust in the manufacturer and lastly number of apps.

As for men, breath and quality of features was the most important factor over what to buy, followed by ease of use, price, looks, feel and design, size and weight, level of trust in the manufacturer and again, lastly number of apps. has created a series of Infographics, which can be used on blogs, here, which also includes insightful commentary and analysis from the company's Nick Barber.

"Overall, the clear picture that emerges is that the iPad has succeeded in making itself synonymous with tablets - moving towards owning the noun in the same way as the Sony Walkman," Notes Barber.

"However, while curiosity about tablet devices as a whole is still high, Apple's position is not entrenched enough to make it unassailable. With the marketing campaigns of other companies still nascent, 2011 could be the year rival brands disrupt Apple's market, rather than the other way round."

Apple iPad


Independent polling company OnePoll conducted the survey of 3000 UK consumers, in October 2010, on behalf of the shopping site. promises to bring together the best voucher codes, 2-for-1 restaurant vouchers, printable vouchers, deals and sales for hundreds of leading online stores to help customers save money.

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