Warner Music has spurned iTunes in offering high-quality DRM-free music through European online music service, 7Digital.

This morning, Warner Music and 7Digital have announced that MP3 music audio downloads from Warner Music are available to 7Digital customers in the UK, Ireland, Spain, France and Germany. 7Digital is the first major European download store to offer Warner Music tracks in the MP3 file format, compatible with virtually any digital music device.

The two companies also confirmed plans to offer a range of digital music products such as value-added album bundles that contain additional content.

To mark the move, the UK-based online music service is offering selected albums from Warner Music’s catalogue for a limited time at a special £5 per album price.

John Reid, vice chairman, Warner Music International and president, Warner Music Europe, said: “We believe that providing consumers with this assurance of interoperability will encourage sales of music downloads and ultimately help the development of new digital music experiences.”

Ben Drury, CEO, 7digital, said: “7digital.com is excited to be Warner Music's first major partner in Europe to bring MP3s to the marketplace...The addition of Warner Music’s MP3 catalogue means that over 80 per cent of 7digital.com’s 3.5 million track catalogue is now DRM-free.”

The online music service hopes to make its entire music catalogue available in DRM-free, high-quality MP3 format by summer 2008.