Apple has released a video of last night’s iPhone 5 event so you can watch the entire keynote, which ended with a performance from the Foo Fighters.

At the event, CEO Tim Cook and other Apple executives took to the stage to unveil the iPhone 5, which, as the rumours predicted, is taller, thinner, lighter, with an aluminium back, A6 chip, 4G capabilities and iOS 6.

Apple didn’t stop there though. The company also announced a new iPod touch, which now comes in a variety of colours. It also has the taller, 4in display that the iPhone 5 has, as well as an A5 chip, improved camera and thinner design.

Alongside the iPod touch is a redesigned iPod nano, which also comes in a variety of colours, has a 2.5in touchscreen and also has a home button.

All three new devices will ship with Apple’s EarPods, the redesigned headphones launched by the company last night.

Apple also unveiled a redesigned iTunes for Mac and PC, which is set to be released in October.

You can watch the keynote on Apple's website here.