Our colleagues at NetworkWorld have managed to get hold of a Apple-made spoof of their famous 1984 advertisement that launched the Macintosh. The clip, entitled 1944, shows Steve Jobs portraying Franklin Delano Roosevelt was made for a 1984 sales meeting in Hawaii. 

This spoof film begins: "On January 24, 1984, Apple Computer introduced Macintosh. And we saw why 1984 was like ... 1944."

Other Apple employees besides Jobs appear on screen, including Mike Murray. 

Dialogue includes a take on Churchill's famous war time speech: "We'll fight them in the office, and the classroom, and the desktop, with superior weapons - hardware - newly developed ammo - software, and lots of it. ... Remember, the enemy is big, but we are smart. They are the elephant, we are the mouse." 

Networkworld has the complete transcript and video here