Photographs of alleged iPhone 5 samples have been removed from the website that released them after being forced to remove them by “external pressures”.

Yesterday, published a gallery of photographs of what they claim was the iPhone 5, but the site has now taken them offline. “Yesterday we ran a story featuring multiple images highlighting key design elements of Apple’s iPhone 5 which is due for official release later this year,” the website now reads. “Due to external pressures, which we are unable to detail publicly, we felt it necessary to remove this story and all related images.”

The photographs were spotted by Cult of Mac, which came to the conclusion that the images were “clearly a rough model someone has put together for the purpose of getting the jump on making cases or accessories.”

The sixth generation iPhone sample featured the rumoured 19-pin dock connector, a headphone jack at the bottom of the device, and a ridge that looks to be for the speculated metal back plate.

Yesterday’s photographs were the second to be leaked this week. On Wednesday, we reported that GottaBeMobile has published images of what is thought to be an engineering sample of the next iPhone that came from a Chinese factory.


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