Macworld columnist Andy Ihnatko has written an interesting opinion article for the Chicago Sun Times, in which he reveals what he hopes Apple will do in 2013. Crucially many of his wishes would involve Apple goes back on its word, but as Ihnatko explains, maybe it wouldn't be hypocracy if it did so. 

Ihnatko examines why Apple sometimes seems to go back on its word when years after stating it won't do something it does exactly that. "Is that a sign of hypocrisy? Or of an embarrassing lack of vision?" asks Ihnatko, neither, he claims, noting that "Sometimes the technology isn’t ready. Sometimes consumers aren’t ready. And sometimes Apple just can’t come right out and say, 'That’s a great idea, and we’re putting it in a future product.'"

Ihnatko then goes on to reveal his wishlist for 2013.

Top of Ihnatko's list is a desire that iOS devices should support "active, pressure-sensitive styluses". We have to note, it certainly looks like this may become a reality, based on the fact that Apple has filed a patent for exactly this. Read: Apple files patent for Stylus, despite Jobs dismissal.

Stop making things thinner, Ihnatko pleads. He says: "My worry is that a purely aesthetic design choice is starting to limit the potential of Apple hardware."

Bring multi-touch to the desktop, is Inhatko's last request. Steve Jobs said multi-touch screens on our Macs would be uncomfortable to use, Ihnatko thinks it's now "Imperative" that Apple does something in this vein. "We see a screen and instinctively we reach out to touch it - even when it’s 22 inches wide and sitting on a desk. And for a whole new generation of users, the first experience with a computer is through multi-touch instead of a mouse or a trackpad," he writes.

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